Ciao! Siamo già a novembre e tra poco sarà Natale! Ecco un’idea regalo molto carina,originale,e sicuramente azzeccata! IO’ Skincare Biotech Formula presenta IO’FANETTO, il prezioso scrigno natalizio per regalare bellezza! Le due versioni del kit, Premium e Luxury, sono pensate per pelli con esigenze diverse ma un unico obiettivo:

… ensure more consistent and give the face brightness, Youth immediate effect for a Christmas is a special occasion to pamper yourself , take care of themselves and of others with this philosophy IO ‘ Biotech Skincare Formula, the cosmetic line of Italian biotech Novaestetyc , has produced two elegant ” IO’FANETTO ” : Premium and Luxury with special products that fight free radicals damage and swelling of the face, so it is suited to women than men .
Contained in both versions of IO’FANETTO the cutting edge : the special cream Sea-Life , unique for its active ingredients , which provide an anti -aging and lifting . Texture soft and silky to the touch, Sea-Life stimulates fibroblasts , favoring the production of collagen and elastin due to the properties of Thermus Ferment Thermophillus , an organism that lives in deep seas and is a moisturizer for excellence and Antarticine , a glycoprotein Antarctic sea that regenerates and repairs the ravages of time, shrinking wrinkles. To complete the kit premium , Physiol Clean , a physiological cleanser that allows a gentle cleansing and returns the proper hydration to the face thanks to the soothing properties of aloe and Vitis vinifera . The Luxury version , complete the casket of beauty , excellent vials White Issue Fluid. Fluid with an energizing and invigorating thanks to its natural active ingredients extracted from citrus fruits and vitamin C phosphate. To be applied before the cream is great as a makeup base that gives a brightening effect on the face.

These treasures of beauty, they are unique and stylish gift idea for Christmas 2013 : IO’FANETTO is available in the best salons and pharmacies in a more exclusive launch price of 120 Euro.