White Issue Cream

Airless 30ml con scatola

88.00 Vat included


Silky face cream for skin with a dull complexion and hyperchromatic blemishes. Daily biotechnological and natural treatment which lightens and depigments thanks to an innovative whitening formulation.

Key advantages

– Depigmenting

– Brightening

– Moisturizing

– Anti-radical

– Protective

Main active ingredients

DYMETHYLMETHOXY CHROMANYL PALMITATE: Depigmenting agent tested for effectiveness and safety with satisfactory results, inhibits melanogenesis and exerts a photoprotective action.

UVA and UVB FILTERS: protect the skin against damage deriving from photoaging.

SHEA BUTTER: emolient and moisturizing.

TOCOPHEROL: antioxidant.

POOL OF AMINOACIDIS: emolient, restorative with healing properties.

Instructions for use

Use morning and evening on face, neck and décolleté. Reccomended use protocol minimum of: 56 days.


Airless 30 ml

Consigliato a

Subjects with a tendency to develop skin spots from photoaging.