Thermo Active Cream

Tubo 250 ml.

34.00 Vat included



Intensive hyperaemizing emulsion containing Tocopheryl Nicotinate, which
provides a deep vasodilatory effect without any skin redness. It helps increase
blood flow in treated areas; suitable also for people suffering from surface
capillaries. It contains Cacao, Fucus, AT Peptide™ with lipolytic effect, whilst
Ivy, Horse-Chestnut and Centella asiatica protect and reinforce blood vessels.

Key advantages

– Activating
– Hyperaemizing
– Reactivating

Important active ingredients

TOCOPHERYL NICOTINATE: has a hyperaemizing action, a deep
vasodilatory, does not create hyperaemizing effect and redness on the skin
surface. Facilitate the blood count in poorly vascularized areas and it can be
used on subjects afflicted by superficial capillaries or with delicate and thin skin.
FUCUS: metabolism reactivating.
AT PEPTIDE: it has an energizing action thanks to cellular ATP increase after
15 minutes of the application and a reduction of lipidic vacuoles of 3 hours