RO2 Capture Cream

Vaso 50ml con scatola

66.00 Vat included


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Fast absorbing fluffy cream providing a protective action against endogenous and exogenous sources of stress. It prevents photo-ageing thanks to the action of the anti-free radical tetrapeptide and it protects DNA thanks to the action exerted by Pepha®-Timp, a powerful metalloproteinase inhibitor. The buffering action against free radical attacks is helped by Vitamin A and Vitamin E group.

Key advantages

– Intensive Anti-radical

– Vitamin

Important active ingredients

PEPHA TIMP™: it carries out the same action of TIMPS (tissue inhibitor), of 2 and 9 metal protease; maintain the protection of metal proteases in a solid level (regulator). Capture as “scavenger” the free radicals. Protects from photo-aging.

PREVENTELIA: anti-radical tetrapeptide.

VITAMIN E and A: free anti-radical

How to use

Apply morning and evening on face, neck and décolleté perfectly clean and massage gently until completely absorbed.


50 ml Jar

Recommended to

Subjects with stressed and dull skin.