Oxys Cream

Tubo 250 ml.


Rich emulsion which is soft and fast absorbing, highly moisturizing and restitutive. Excellent energizing skin cream thanks to the presenc of Hydrergy™ active ingredient. It restores the proper hydrolipid film, thus boosting skin’s natural defences and making skin look smoother and brighter. The synergy of GP4G and Folic Acid protect cellular DNA against oxidative and promotes skin tissue restructuring.

Key advantages

– Cellular Energizing

– Ri-oxygenating

– Restoring

– Vitamin

– Regenerating

Important Active Ingredients

HYDRERGY™: seaweed extract, rich in niacin and vitamin B, stimulates the cellular ATP production.

CAFFEINE: stimulates the microcirculation and oxygenates tissues.

GP4G: protects from environmental stress, repair and restore, protects the cells from UV light. Protects cellular DNA.

FOLIC ACID, VITAMIN C and A: restoring, anti-oxidant.

How to use

Apply morning and evening on face, neck and décolleté perfectly clean and gently massage until completely absorbed

Recommended to

Subjects with asphyxiated, dry skin.