Extreme Protection Cream

Vaso 50ml con scatola

68.00 Vat included



Deep Hydration facial cream for very dahydrated and asphyxial skin. It is specially indicated for the complete hydratation of facial skin, also promoting a preventive anti-aging action. the nourishing and emollient active ingredients, as well as its protective filters, favour the hydrolipid film protection.


– Moisturizing

– Nourishing

– Rich texture

Important active ingredients

ECTOINE: active ingredient derivative from a microorganism (ectothtiorhodospiri halo chloris) that lives in the desert’s aridity. Excellent cellular protector, deep moisturizer; it is able to keep water and hydration in the deepest derma.

VEGETABLE BUTTERS (from natural extraction): nourishing and soothing.

OMEGA 3 – 6: protective and nourishing

How to use

Apply the product to the face, neck and décolleté morning and evening; rub in until completely absorbed. Avoid periocular area.


50 ml Jar

Recommended to:

Subjects with dehydrated skin.