Do IO’ products contain parabens?
We prefer essential oils and alcohol as preservatives (unless the active substance is preservable only by using parabens).

Do IO’ products contain mineral oil, petrolatums or paraffin?
No, We opted to use only natural ingredients.

I am an allergy sufferer: Do IO’ products have strong scents?
The fragrances contained in IO’ products are intentionally gentle and non-invasive; the choice was made by carefully selecting only the fragrances considered safe.

Can I use the IO’ products during pregnancy?
The majority of the products can be used, the better, however, avoid the line and lipolytic products with vitamin A.

Why IO’ Face Creams are “24 hour” creams?
The “24 Hours” cream is a complete cream, designed and dedicated to the specific blemish, with a balanced texture perfectly able to meet the needs of the skin both during the day and during the night.

If I use IO’ creams and I expose myself to the sun, could I have problem of spots on the skin?
No, we even have a non-photosensitizing light compatible dedicated line.

I’m always in a hurry and I don’t have time to use the body cream: which is the texture of your creams?
IO’ body creams are all of rapid absorption.

Why the choice of an airless tube for eye and lip contour cosmetic?
It is the most effective and safe method of preservation, that protects the product from the contact with air avoiding its contamination; we have considered it as the most appropriate packaging for a cosmetic dedicated to a so delicate and sensitive area of the face.