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Extraordinary hydrogel mask rich in vitamins A-C-E, fundamental to provide the skin with energy and amino acids (Aa) and which in addition have a proven anti-radical effect. This mask gives instant brightness to the face and restores skin de ciencies.

key advantages

- Antioxidant
- Vitamin

Important active ingredients

VITAMIN A (Retinol): Nutrient and functional compound essential for the development, ef ciency and integrity of cells and is a form of retinol (vitamin A). It penetrates well through the skin and cell membranes and has an excellent ability to improve skin thickness, decreasing the depth of the wrinkle. At the dermis level Vitamin A acts, resulting in an increase in collagen production, with a consequent improvement of the “support structure” that helps to provide tone and elasticity to the skin.
VITAMIN C (Ascorbic Acid): A good antioxidant, capable of neutralising the main oxidising radicals and is essential for the formation of collagen and the synthesis of Aa. The important role of vitamin C in collagen formation is one of the few cosmetology mechanisms for which scienti c evidence exists that the intake of vitamin C is essential for the skin.
VITAMIN E (Tocopherol): Nutrient and functionally essential compound Vitamin E plays an essential role against skin ageing and a fundamental role as an antioxidant in addition it improves skin
hydration at the stratum corneum level of the epidermis, and has the ability
to retain water in the skin layers.

How to use

Ready to use mask. Remove the protection and apply on face.
Leave on for 15 minutes, then remove it by lifting it from the contours of the face.

1 mask in envelope

Recommended to
Subjects with dehydrated skin.