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Multifunctional product for cleaning the face, removes make-up and cleanses perfectly removing impurities and purifying deeply and gently without damaging the moisture barrier; it provides moisture to the skin, soothes and nourishes it with precious amino acids (Aa) as a result of the presence of natural Bee Venom, Achillea, Hypericum and Calendula, and a green Micellar Microemulsion.
Micellar Water leaves the skin perfectly dry and oil free, giving a delicate feeling of freshness.

Key advantages

- Purifying

- Detergent

- Nutritious

Important active ingredients

BEE VENOM: is rich in Apamin with a Botox like effect, it relaxes fine lines and is myorelaxant, as well as
in Mellitin, which has anti-inflammatory properties, stimulating microcirculation of blood and neogenesis of
collagen and elastin.

ACHILLEA EXTRACT: is an excellent anti-inflammatory, anti-reddening, vasotonic, astringent, firming and antiseborrheic,
ideal for dry, chapped, sensitive and irritated skin.

HYPERICUM EXTRACT: is rich in Iperina, a flavonoid with soothing, anti-inflammatory, healing and skin restoring
properties. The high concentration of tannins has excellent astringent properties, useful inthe treatment of oily
and impure skin.

CALENDULA EXTRACT: is rich in triterpenes, flavonoids, polysaccharides, carotenoids and phytosterols with
strong soothing and skin protection properties; it has an anti-inflammatory effect on sensitive and inflamed skin,
stimulates epithelialization, accelerates epidermal turn-over and promotes fibroblast activity, promoting the
synthesis of new collagen.

GREEN MICELLES: are microspheres of plant extract surfactants - therefore not hydrocarbon based - which,
added to demineralised and purified water, compose Micellar Water. The main function of these particles is
to capture impurities and make-up residues, leaving skin perfectly clean, cleansed and moisturised. Initially
designed for the catwalk, where the need to remove make-up and re-apply make-up several times in a short
period is common, Micellar Water has considerable power even on water resistant cosmetics.

Directions for use:

Use morning and night with a cotton pad to remove make-up and/or impurities from the face, neck and neckline. No need to rinse.