ELLE SPOSE:Four Weddings and a IDEAL, glam wedding or funny?

The wedding annuncianodivertenti or glam? Romantic or rustic? Because each style has its own make-up and its treatments. Face, neck and décolleté: the "golden triangle" that captures the looks but that is a victim of implacable laws of nature. To run for cover thinks Radio 4, of Novaestetyc. The technology is non-invasive, that the results really maintain them, in addition to promise it.

The credit is to be the first device to take advantage of the virtues of the radio frequency quadrupole dynamics to cover the wrinkles and liftare in depth but without risks. And 'in fact equipped with an exclusive security system to safeguard the RSS cutaneous surface. Alias, zero burning and maximum effectiveness. Not only improves the texture of the skin by promoting the production of collagen and elastin. After application of Mandelic-on, gel preparation and gel Glico, the face is treated with circular movements to reshape the contours. Is then followed by a mask Endorphin-Off, left in place for 15 minutes, and an anti-aging cream. The ritual - photoshop effect - lasts an hour with visible results from the first treatment. Price: 150 €.