TOO BEE Eye&Lip is on IODONNA Magazine signed by Corriere della Sera

TOO BEE eye&lip contour of IO' SKINCARE BIOTECH FORMULA is already the protagonist! Today we can find it on IODonna magazine signed by Corriere della Sera - weekly n°13 on 21st March 2015. For more info and details of the product you can visit our catalogo inline or our website

BEAUTY : In a word " Wrinkles". Blemish more than obvious to the eye, where the muscles present change facial expressions with more than ten thousand movements a day. "Stock Quotes" are announced as swelling of the lower eyelid, the bags . Will be emphasized in particular circumstances and later become increasingly evident over the years. Dark circles are the slowing of the lymphatic and venous microcirculation; water retention and blood, "settles " melanin and hemoglobin oxidized, determines the shadow purple - bluish. Finally start to 40 years eyelids and eyebrows lose their tone, form of the folds that create a certain difficulty in eye makeup and make the eyes look tired .