IO 'Skincare Formula Biotech, biotech innovative cosmetic line, is enhanced by Too Bee, the first around the eyes and lips anti-dark circles with bee venom. We speak of a revolutionary soin that uses the power of nature, it is the first product that uses the bee venom, precious active ingredient that fights aging ...

Skin ... activating a natural physiological response . The bee venom - extracted without any harm to the insects in the total respect of nature - has already been defined " natural botox " effect cosmetic filler is widely used as a beauty secret by many international stars. IO ' Too Bee is the perfect combination of:
- Hyaluronic acid: acting on the hydration of the skin and place the filling effect , plumping and soothing ;
- Complex anti dark circles based on Butcher's Broom , Gotu Kola , Horse Chestnut, proteins from yeast , Glycyrrhetinic acid , provitamin B5, escin , Licorice Marigold and that , combined with bee venom , allow the fluid to carry a strong antioxidant and anti-aging action ( clinically tested) .
The main effects of its innovative formula are threefold: to preserve the hydration of the skin , smooth out the signs of aging in the eye area and lips and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.
After two weeks of treatment , I ' Too Bee visibly acting on circles and signs of expression, smooths wrinkles around the eye and lip contour , smoothes out imperfections and micro-roughness of the skin.
Particularly interesting is that inside the pack was inserted a small manual Face Yoga invites you to spend a few minutes every day to facial gymnastics , illustrating some simple but important and effective movements .
IO ' Too Bee 15 ml bottle with dispenser is sold at a suggested retail price of € 80.