Bee Vanom as Anti-Wrinkles? TOO BEE of IO'

Bee venom as anti-wrinkle? Always on top, the TOO BEE of IO' does not go unnoticed! Now defined the product for excellence that has changed the way we fight and defeat dark circles and bags around the eyes. Read the article!
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Field of products is very wide but for my first time I wanted something really special and I found: "the chosen one" is called Too Bee, is a soft cream dedicate to the eyes and lips contour of IO' Skincare distributed in pharmacies. The cost (80 euro) is definitely not from large retailers, but crazy sometimes is good for the soul (and the dark circles). The active ingredient is the bee venom which counteracts the aging of the skin by activating a natural physiological response. Already beauty secret of many international stars, the bee venom - extracted without damaging insects in total respect of nature - is called "natural botox" to cosmetic filler effect. Combined with hyaluronic acid, which acts on the hydration of the skin and place the filling effect, volumizing and soothing, and with the rich in complex anti dark circle; allows fluid to play a strong antioxidant and anti-aging action. The scent is also very pleasant and its texture soft and light really gives you a fresh feeling on the skin. Plus: the package included a small manual Face Yoga inviting to spend a few minutes every day to the facial gymnastics, illustrating some simple but important and effective movements. for more information visit our website or visit our online catalogue