Total Hydration Plan

Dehydrated skin appears thin, lifeless and unattractive. To hydrate it correctly, the IO' method uses innovative and powerful formulations.

Normalising - Oil Control Plan

Oxygenating and Vitamin Plan

The metabolic activity of each cell in our body is guaranteed by the transport of the correct amount of oxygen through microcirculation; thanks to this knowledge, IO' has designed formulations able to promote and facilitate a vascularisation processes.

Skin Sensitivity Plan

Anti-Spot Brightening Plan

Antioxidant Plan

Anti-Ageing Plan

Cellulite Blemishes

Body Slimming Plan

Reduction in localised fat deposits usually involves cosmetic surgery; IO' formulated, using powerful active ingredients derived from the most advanced scientific research, specific and amazing cosmeceutical specialities aimed at reducing localised fat.

Body Firming Plan

IO' makes the dream of a beautiful and toned body come true by combining the professional line for treatment rooms with special creams for home use with unique texture for unbeatable results.


Suntan and protection